Howdy-do and welcome to Chicago’s most creative meeting  and event space!

When guests step off the elevator into Catalyst Ranch, they are immediately greeted by a feast for the senses. Cheery and vibrant colors fill every inch of the two floors of space creating a positive impact on meeting attendees from the moment they arrive. Six meeting rooms are available for rent and each can be customized to individual client needs. Catalyst Ranch is sure to jumpstart even the most sluggish meeting attendee and set their brain in motion!

Catalyst Ranch Meeting and Events Venue Floor Plan
Polka Meeting and Events Room at Catalyst Ranch

Polka Your Pants Off!

The Polka Room bursts with happiness and energy, the two walls of windows streaming in plenty of sunshine. Our largest meeting room at 3,250 sq. ft., the Polka Room is the most flexible space at Catalyst Ranch. Although the typical group size is 30-50 people, customized room setups easily accommodate interactive team-building activities, large merchandise displays, graphic facilitation stations and presentations for up to 110 attendees. In addition to the main seating area, the Polka Room has seven breakout areas sprinkled around the perimeter of the room, including a 300 square foot bonus space called The Harem, a client favorite! Your team will have plenty of room to stretch out to work individually or in small groups or even laying down on a pile of pillows.

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Cha Cha ‘til the Cows Come Home!

Some say that the Cha Cha Room is the most memorable room at Catalyst Ranch with 2,500 sq. ft. and truly unique seating for any type of meeting. The central area can be arranged in a number of ways, but what sets this room apart are its six playful breakout areas. The hammock swings are the perfect spot to relax during breaks or they can be used as additional breakout space. A plush rug holds a breakout group of floor pillows, giving attendees an enjoyable space to work, helping shift thinking to a whole new perspective. And a double chaise lounge (the only one of its kind) is relaxation defined. The Cha Cha room is full of whimsy with paratroopers, paper lanterns and umbrellas hanging from the ceiling.

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Cha Cha Meeting and Events Room at Catalyst Ranch

Tango until Twilight!

The mix of deep red and exposed brick walls in the Tango Room offers clients 700 sq. ft. of warmly rich and cozy space, perfectly suited for smaller sessions at Catalyst Ranch. The main seating area can easily accommodate groups of 10-20 participants whether in a theater or a café set-up. In addition, there are two natural breakout areas in the Tango: one at a table and chair set, the other at a couch grouping in front of a large wall of windows. The two large painted walls are perfect for ideation sessions and posting notes. A plasticore sheet can be added for additional posting space on the brick wall. A projector screen is hung from the ceiling and can be transferred to one other wall for flexibility and unique room setups.

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Tango Meeting and Events Room at Catalyst Ranch
Mambo Meeting and Events Room at Catalyst Ranch

Mambo Like You Mean It!

The Mambo Room is filled with plenty of positive vibes and will immediately lift your spirits. As one of our mid-sized rooms with 1,100 sq. ft. of meeting space, the room is decked out with beautiful cherry wood floors, plenty of sunlight and happy blue and green tones. Enjoy a cup of coffee or have a small group breakout session in the sunny couch grouping nestled by the windows or in one of the other three breakout groupings.

The room is typically used by groups of 12 – 20 people which allows for a central presentation area as well as breakout areas. There is ample wall space to hang up flipchart paper (the artwork comes off as requested) in addition to a nail strip at the front of the room where we can hang flipchart pads and our customized plasticore sheets to create even more wall space to suit your needs. The open floor plan allows for flexible and tailored room set-ups with lots of space for flip charts, rolling dry erase boards and an LCD projector & screen.

Get Your Focus Group On – This Room has Secret Mirrors

The room also has a special secret element – the large green boards with painted ethnic patterns hide two-way mirrors. If rented along with the Foxtrot Room for focus groups, the Mambo turns into the largest, most flexible respondent room in the city. Clients watch from the Foxtrot Room. Now we’re talking creative focus groups. For more info on focus group capabilities at the Ranch, please check out our dedicated page.

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Foxtrot Your Fancy Feet!

The Foxtrot Room is cute and cozy and perfect for the most intimate meetings. At 300 sq. ft. the space accommodates up to 10 people in a circle of our comfy chairs. And while it might be the smallest room at the Ranch, it is still equipped with all the standard Catalyst Ranch meeting amenities. A projector screen is hung from the ceiling and an entire wall is dedicated to dry-erase boards. This is the perfect room for those groups of 3 to 8 people who just need a quiet get-away from their own offices!

This room is more flexible than most people realize. Peek behind the wall of dry erase boards and you’ll find two-way mirrors. When rented along with the Mambo Room for focus groups, the dry erase boards come off and the Foxtrot Room transforms into the coolest client viewing room in town. For more info on focus group capabilities at the Ranch, please check out our dedicated page.

Download an Informational PDF on the Foxtrot Meeting and Events Room

Mambo Meeting and Events Room at Catalyst Ranch
Jitterbug Meeting and Events Room at Catalyst Ranch

Jump, Jive… Jitterbug!

With citrus-colored walls and plenty of natural light, The Jitterbug Room is a cheerful meeting space that sparks positivity and imaginative thought. This room is a unique L-shape designed to include five comfy breakout areas across 1,400 sq. ft. for the typical group size of 15 – 25 people. There is an abundance of wall space for flipchart paper to be posted around the room (artwork comes off as necessary), and a nail strip on the brick wall holds custom-designed plasticore sheets and flipcharts to create additional workspace. Hold a breakout session under the colorful patio umbrella or on the chaise lounge. Your attendees will enjoy the playful features of this room including an array of hanging sculptures made from old umbrella frames.

Download an Informational PDF on the Jitterbug Meeting and Events Room