3 Big, Easy Tips for a Green Meeting

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  Believe it or not, for an industry that is all about people and forging connections between them, the Meeting and Event industry generates a lot of waste. From all the handouts, to the food and even where all the furniture comes from, meetings and events leave a fairly sizable carbon footprint. At Catalyst Ranch, "green" [...]

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Inspiring Found-Object Art by Jane Perkins

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Inspiring Found-Object Art by Jane Perkins At Catalyst Ranch, Chicago’s first unconventional meeting venue, we love re-purposed art and furniture! Stroll around the Ranch and you’ll see classic lamp stands with modern lampshades, tea tins from around the globe that have turned into pen holders, and re-painted picture frames embellished with beads and trinkets. There is [...]

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Saving the Earth with Every Meeting

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Being kind to the earth is at the very core of Catalyst Ranch’s being. Our physical space is ensconced in a building which dates back to the 1880s. Almost all of our furnishings are vintage and recycled. We recycle anything we can get our hands on. All the leftover food gets picked up by the Pacific [...]

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3 Cool Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

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Chicago’s Catalyst Ranch is proud to be a green meeting venue!  First of all, we love vintage furnishings as you can see once you step off the elevator!  Eva, Ranch Czarina, and many of our creative Ranch Hands have a knack for beautifully re-purposing what others might throw away.  By looking at things in a different [...]

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Easy Being Green

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Green. To some it is just a color. To others it is a new way of existing. As our population grows so do our energy demands, which have a mostly negative impact on our planet. The Earth is warming at a steady pace and while we can argue the causes of this until the cows come [...]

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