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Your Own Plastic Recycling Workshop!

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"In case you didn't notice. . " Everywhere you go, grocery stores are using less plastic bags, companies are reducing the use of plastic in their water and soda bottles, and eco-friendly companies are finding new ways to transport their products. The next logical question for someone concerned with the well-being of the planet and his or [...]

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6 Unconventional Wedding Registry Ideas

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Welcome back to #WeddingWednesday, our semi-weekly column where we bring you wedding tips, tricks, crafts, interviews, and interesting Chicago wedding happenings.   Today we're exploring the possibilities of the mysterious wedding registry! Blender? Bed sheets? Blah blah blah. Yes, if you need those things, by all means, put them on your wedding registry! But, ladies (AND [...]

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3 Cool Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

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Chicago’s Catalyst Ranch is proud to be a green meeting venue!  First of all, we love vintage furnishings as you can see once you step off the elevator!  Eva, Ranch Czarina, and many of our creative Ranch Hands have a knack for beautifully re-purposing what others might throw away.  By looking at things in a different [...]

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DIY Scratch-Off Valentines in 6 Easy Steps

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Want to wow your valentine?  You could spend hours reading greeting cards and still not find the perfect message, so write your own!  Everyone appreciates the thought and effort that goes into a hand-crafted gift, so why not make your own personalized scratch-off Valentine's Day cards?  The crafty administrative staff at Chicago's Catalyst Ranch created unique [...]

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