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The Suitcase Kitchen

Touring and travel in general is tough on your body and your wallet. But what if you were able to cook delicious affordable options on the road the way YOU like it? Food allergies and dietary restrictions make it hard to eat well while on tour, but you could whip up a meal in no time with your Suitcase Kitchen.

The Suitcase Kitchen is filled with all the gear and basics to cook while you are on the road. There are lots of ways to go about building yours and this class is designed to inspire and educate you to make those calls.

We’ll share recipes, strategies, and the tricks of the traveling chef and…

    • Origins of the Suitcase Kitchen – From conception to application and some funny stories
    • Live cooking demonstration with fun, healthy and easy recipes
    • Economics and logistics of building the Suitcase Kitchen
    • Where to shop and how to keep track of your build out
    • How to travel and adjust your Suitcase Kitchen
    • Keeping it clean – tricks and tips for cleaning up and maintaining a well organized Suitcase Kitchen
    • Complimentary recipe cards

As the class begins The Stone Soup Chef (Patrick Nelson) will greet you. There is no commercial kitchen, just a suitcase and a conversation. As the class begins Patrick will begin to unpack and set up his kitchen.

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