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Catalyst Ranch welcomes frequent collaborator and facilitator Sara K. Schneider for a set of one-day sessions in THE HUMAN JOURNEY, a new and important Professional Development education for psychotherapists and nurses.

What is the dominant story you’re inviting your clients to tell?
Does that story actually promote healing?

Every story can be packaged a thousand ways, for a thousand different listeners.

But what kinds of stories actually heal in 360° ‘round—that is, not just the individual who tells it, but the family, or family of choice, of which they are a part?

6 CEUs for social workers, LCPCs, and nurses for this one-day training to become a Conductor of THE HUMAN JOURNEY®, a new tool for families—and families of choice—who are facing the challenge of their lives to co-construct their story.

Sessions available:

  • Friday November 8th, 9:00am – 4:00pm.
  • Saturday, November 9th, 9:00am – 4:00pm.

You’ll leave with a deluxe boxed THE HUMAN JOURNEY® Conductor’s Kit and supporting materials in your bag, lunch in your tummy, CEUs to your name, and the uplift and zap to the imagination that a day at Catalyst Ranch provides.

Discount for early registrants and for practitioners from the same organization who wish to share a single Conductor’s Kit.

THE HUMAN JOURNEY® training provides unforgettable consulting and learning and growth experiences across the professions and for mission-driven organizations.

More at http://The-Human-Journey.com and http://sarakschneider.com.  Books at Amazon.com.

Video and more information:


Sara K. Schneider, Ph.D.


Sara K. Schneider, Ph.D. is a Yale- and NYU-educated book author, organizational consultant, workshop leader, and theatre-maker who analyzes  groups from a social-science perspective. From data-derived insights, she creates experiences for service enhancement in healthcare and the deepening of the web of service provider and family relationships.  

Sara has been a tenured education professor in leadership studies, guiding working professionals in education, healthcare, the clergy, and law enforcement in accessing and growing their own and their colleagues’ wisdom and resources. Her deep experience across the social sciences and applied performing arts, along with her practical role as a learning and retreat design consultant, make her workshops an experience of rich insight for professionals striving to enrich what they already do so well.

*Sara is one of the five pioneering women entrepreneurs whom Catalyst Ranch is celebrating at its 17th Anniversary Party on Monday, November 4. The gathering recognized inspired small Chicagoland businesses and the amazing women behind them!