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Catalyst Ranch welcomes frequent collaborator and facilitator Sara K. Schneider for a one-day class in THE HUMAN JOURNEY®, a new and important Professional Development training for therapists, nurses, and counselors.

THE HUMAN JOURNEY®: Helping families face the challenge of their lives

“For families needing to lean forward in the face of big challenges, THE HUMAN JOURNEY® is a novel method that draws on archetypal psychology, narrative facilitation, systems theory, and group process to help groups build belonging, and individuals construct meaning, when challenges lie on the road ahead.

Styled as a game, and organized as a facilitated experience with the dramatic shape of a three-act play, THE HUMAN JOURNEY® boosts listening and inquiring skills, the respectful sharing of disparate experiences, and the commitment to going forward together.”

Sara K. Schneider, PhD, leads one-day trainings for clinicians on Jan 31 and Feb 22. 6 CEUs are included for social workers, nurses, and counselors.

For more information about THE HUMAN JOURNEY® program and the one-day Conductor Trainings, please see http://the-human-journey.com and the Eventbrite registration page.

Sara K. Schneider, Ph.D.


Sara K. Schneider, Ph.D. is a Yale- and NYU-educated book author, organizational consultant, workshop leader, and theatre-maker who analyzes  groups from a social-science perspective. From data-derived insights, she creates experiences for service enhancement in healthcare and the deepening of the web of service provider and family relationships.  

Sara has been a tenured education professor in leadership studies, guiding working professionals in education, healthcare, the clergy, and law enforcement in accessing and growing their own and their colleagues’ wisdom and resources. Her deep experience across the social sciences and applied performing arts, along with her practical role as a learning and retreat design consultant, make her workshops an experience of rich insight for professionals striving to enrich what they already do so well.

*We at Catalyst Ranch were pleased to feature Sara among five pioneering women entrepreneurs celebrated at our 17th Anniversary Party in 2019. The gathering recognized inspired, Chicagoland small businesses and the amazing women behind them!