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An exclusive event for People Leaders

An introduction to The Basics of Role Playing Games
and possible applications in the workplace

When wrestling with today’s workplace challenges,
What Do You Do?

Have a seat at the table with comrades facing common ordeals! Create your own Dungeons & Dragons – style fantasy environment. Build characters, set goals, gain experience and roll the dice.
During your adventure together, simulate your most arduous roles, make high risk choices, walk in another’s shoes, and innovate solutions using only your imagination!

Then, reflect on how the game lessons parallel real-world matters and apply them towards an actionable work plan.

The innovative form of learning and development that millennials have been waiting for.
No two games are ever the same.

Here’s 7 examples of what may transform during our game:

  • Company values and culture into fantasy realms
  • Skills and competencies into super hero powers
  • Goals and complex processes into mazes and matrices
  • Strategies and vision into quests, fate, and destiny
  • Marketplace competitors into opposing forces (or allies!)
  • Multi-dimensional workforce into adventurers
  • Workplace challenges into magic
  • And more……

Bring this spirit of adventure and imaginative learning to your workplace!

Don’t be left without a seat!

The business case for fantasy play

Satisfy your adult business brain. Role Playing Games (RPG’s) bring ideas to master your workplace challenges and engage your workforce. Download our whitepaper,  watch this Ted Talk and note the cool kids who caught on early. Then, surrender to your imagination!

And caution: it may surprise you.

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