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On Saturday, November 17, Catalyst Ranch hosts Peagram Consulting as they offer TWO sessions of their Personal Branding Workshop.

Select a time that works for you: The 2.5 hour sessions start at 9:30am and 1pm.

Personal Branding Workshop


Catalyst Ranch EventsDo you struggle with sharing your message with others, your network, or in an interview? Are you searching for clarity on explaining your job, work, and experience. We have the perfect training for you!

Come join us as we work with you on developing your personal brand.

We will work with you on finding your interests, skills, abilities, and build upon your knowledge to build your personal or professional brand. This will help you with marketing yourself, finding a new job, building your tribe, becoming a social influencer, or growing your company. Personal branding is key to building a strong network and gives people a clear snapshot of who you are as a person. Customers and potential hiring managers don’t just look at what you offer, but also whether or not they like you. We want to help you build that connection and get clarity on who you are as a professional.

The session will include:

  • Mini-workbooks
  • Guided journal prompts
  • Activities to build your brand
  • Templated personal branding blurbs
  • Questions to dig deeper and explore how to write your brand
  • Guided exercises to put it all together and walk away with your customized personal brand
  • Networking
  • Snacks

Who would benefit?

  • If you are transitioning into a new job
  • If you are looking for work opportunities
  • If you are growing your business
  • If you are an entrepreneur
  • If you have a small business


Peagram Consulting: Organizer of Personal Branding

Dr. Kortney PeagramPeagram Consulting was founded to provide alternative training options to the typical disengaging presentation format. Peagram Consultants do not simply present content, they innovate solutions by asking questions and provoking new thoughts to solve problems. Dr. Peagram loves bringing activities, practical skills, and innovative concepts to the table to watch individuals find their passion and grow as professionals. Dr. Peagram’s “Why?” is simple: she loves training and pushing professionals to think outside the box.


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