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Ignite Theatre Presents

The Election Monologues Poster

The Election Monologues – A Nationwide Event of Unity & Resistance

On inauguration day in the United States, an event of resistance and unity will take place in 14 cities across the country, bringing together people of all ages, colors and political dispositions to share their personal stories about the 2016 election. The Election Monologues will take place in theaters and public spaces throughout America, where groups of 6-10 people will share monologues about how the election has affected them.
Led by Tanya Taylor Rubinstein and Kerri Lowe and produced with the help of dozens of volunteer coordinators and facilitators across the country, the work stems from Rubinstein’s StoryHealers Transformational Monologue process. Rubinstein has facilitated this process with hundreds of groups, including people who have experienced cancer, veterans, caregivers and hospice workers, LGBTQ youth and Israeli and Palestinian young women. After seeing so many of her adult solo performance students depressed and overwhelmed after the election, as well as experiencing a sense of paralyzing despair herself, Rubinstein decided that something needed to be done to heal people individually and collectively through the power of storytelling, writing and performance. Kerri Lowe, who regularly works with Tanya, had the same impulse.

This is not dogma. It’s not a debate. It’s not propaganda. This event is an opportunity to hear different perspectives around what the election of Donald Trump means to many types of individuals on a personal level. The aim is to humanize one another and offer a safe space for people to process through their intense feelings around this election. Everyone, no matter their political affiliation, is invited to participate and attend. All stories will be respected in this environment. We invite the press and the community to attend this once-in-a-lifetime event. Details for our city are below and more information can be found at www.ElectionMonologues.com.

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