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How The Beatles Nearly Ruined My Life…
and David Bowie Saved It

 Written and Performed by Ben Hollis

with musical support by John Siegle

Directed by Paul Quinn


Too late to live the life you were meant to live?

“Frick No!” says Ben Hollis. The eight-time Emmy-winner (Wild Chicago, WTTW) and local TV legend makes his case in this high-energy musical revelation of honest comedy and original songs.

“How The Beatles…” tells the story of how a chubby American kid obsessed with “being adored” satisfies his ridiculously self-centered desires — and overcomes them… with a little help in the 11th hour from the spirit of Ziggy Stardust himself.

Hilarious slides punctuate Hollis’s two-act tale, providing cultural signposts along the way (e.g. Julie Newmar, Black Sabbath and The Dave Clark Five.)

Boomers will find it irresistible to reflect on their own journeys as chronicled by Hollis (roughly 1957 to 1996.) Plenty of Top 40 Hit earworms sweeten the mix too, energetically performed by Hollis and musical collaborator John Siegle.

The songs and stories shared in this show cover many relatable life experiences:

Lusting after TV stars; being a fat kid; losing your virginity (but not enjoying it); falling in love (and feeling the pain); marrying the wrong person; going after a career for really stupid reasons; honestly facing your own bullshit; marrying the right person (even with kids from a previous marriage — and marrying her anyway); and finding the courage to go for what you really want.

Seeing The Beatles chased by pretty, screaming girls set up Ben Hollis for a life of narcissistic pursuits – and disappointments. But upon seeing the “David Bowie Is…” exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in late 2014, Hollis finally grasps Bowie’s message: “Fully embrace who you are. This may be your last dance!”

Does he succeed? You be the judge!

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