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Breakfast and a Talk! CreativeMornings Live with Jenna Benn Shersher

CreativeMornings Live Talk and Breakfast

The Chicago chapter of this international breakfast lecture series for the creative community comes to Catalyst Ranch, giving the mic to Jenna Benn Shersher, a 36-year-old cancer survivor and Founder and Executive Director of Twist Out Cancer.

CreativeMornings Jenna Benn Shersher

In 2008, CreativeMornings was born out of a desire for an ongoing, accessible event for New York’s creative community. The concept was simple: breakfast and a short talk one Friday morning a month. Every event would be free of charge and open to anyone.

Today, attendees gather in cities around the world to enjoy fresh coffee, friendly people, and an international array of breakfast foods. Volunteer hosts and their team members organize local chapters that not only celebrate a city’s creative talent, but also promote an open space to connect with like-minded individuals.

From design legends to hometown heroes, speakers are selected by each chapter based on a global theme. CreativeMornings’ Chicago team is seven years strong and host at Catalyst Ranch for the first time with this event.

CreativeMornings remains free thanks to the support of local partners, generous venues, and longterm global partners.

Everyone is welcome.

Everyone is creative.

Just register beforehand to reserve your spot.

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CreativeMornings Live Talk and Breakfast

CreativeMornings Manifesto

Everyone is creative.

A creative life requires bravery and action, honesty and hard work. We are here to support you, celebrate with you, and encourage you to make the things you love.

We believe in the power of community. We believe in giving a damn. We believe in face-to-face connections, in learning from others, in hugs and high-fives.

We bring together people who are driven by passion and purpose, confident that they will inspire one another, and inspire change in neighborhoods and cities around the world.

Everyone is welcome.

About the Speaker

Jenna Benn Shersher, the Founder and Executive Director of Twist Out Cancer, is a 36 year old cancer survivor, civil rights advocate, world traveler and tiny twister who dreams big. In December 2010, Jenna was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called Grey Zone Lymphoma that at the time affected fewer than 200 people. Instead of surrendering to cancer, she was determined to find meaning in her suffering. In the course of her fight, Jenna figured out creative ways to leverage social media to process her experience, and in turn create a community that became invested in her fight. In the course of a year, Jenna battled cancer and founded the nonprofit Twist Out Cancer.

Jenna’s story was selected as a top ten best read by Mashable. She is a blogger for the Huffington Post and has made television appearances on all major media outlets, including CNN, NBC5, CBS, ABC7, WGN and Fox News. She has also been featured in the New York Times, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times. Jenna is a mentor angel with Imerman Angels, and was an Honored Hero and advocate for Team in Training and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She is an ROI fellow with the Schusterman Foundation and serves on the board of the Anti-Defamation League. Jenna received her Bachelor’s degree from McGill University in Montreal, Canada and her Masters in Social Enterprise and Administration from Columbia University. She resides in Philadelphia with her husband Dr. David Shersher and their daughter Noa Pearl who is a miracle.