Coworking space in Chicago

We Make Better Coworking

It’s different here. At Catalyst Ranch you’ll find a vibrant & diverse coworking community space of spirited and inspiring folks that’s packed with perks and amenities. Combined with an unparalleled environment designed to help you work better– this is much more than a workspace. It’s coworking made better.

An update to our services, as of March 19, 2020:

Catalyst Ranch is currently unavailable for Coworking as we comply with statewide orders to temporarily close non-essential businesses.

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Thank you so much for your interest, and we hope to see you here soon!

How is it better, you ask? Breakthroughs happen when your brain is at its best. Working in an environment that intentionally optimizes for better thinking is what a membership at Catalyst Ranch offers.  For 17 years, thousands of organizations and people have learned that immersing themselves in our idea-rich atmosphere helps to generate:

  • Bigger better brainstorming- Vintage furniture, furnishings & toys remind us of childhood when our imaginations were boundless & allowed to run free.
  • Powerful productive planning- An unexpected physical environment which engages all the senses & tunes up the brain’s receptivity of powerful new ideas & different ways of perceiving.
  • Insightful innovative ideating- Blending a vast array of cultural items signals that different cultures & ways of thinking are valued and encouraged-when everyone is on equal footing ideas flow more freely.

We also Make Better Amenities:

  • Windows and natural light in every room
  • Freedom to engage your mind & body
  • Choice of hundreds of tables, chairs, couches, armchairs, chaise lounges and hammock swings to work from
  • Lush and bountiful plants in 100’s of varietals
  • Games & brain teasers, books & art, super-fast wifi
  • Free unlimited coffee, tea and cold beverages
  • Free snacks- healthy and less healthy depending on your mood
  • Private meeting rooms available to rent at member rates
  • Support from our specially trained Ranch Hands who will provide a professional & turnkey working & meeting experience
  • Printing services at member prices
  • Free access to all Ranch hosted public events & workshops
  • Post office mailboxes around the corner
  • Lunch service coordination available
  • Monthly brainstorming member meet-ups

Daydreamer Passes

$30 for 8 hrs
Monday-Friday 8am – 7pm
Call (312) 207-1710 to reserve your spot

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