Eva Niewiadomski, the founder and owner of Catalyst Ranch, has strong feelings about workers’ rights to an inspiring physical work environment. She finally acted upon her beliefs last week and launched a workspace revolution by hosting one of the fieldtrips for the FUSE Conference. The FUSE Conference is an annual gathering of 400 brand strategists and designers from across various industries and disciplines.

Those who took the leap and boarded the shuttle to Catalyst Ranch were greeted by an unusual and inspiring environment – the perfect place from which to launch their own workspace revolution. The session began with a discussion around what they liked and didn’t like about their workplaces. It’s the first step in REVOLT, Eva’s proprietary approach to creating a better workplace.

Recognize the Shortcomings

Engage Others

Visualize Your Options

Organize, Sort & Focus

Leap Over Resistance

Transform Your Workspace

In a matter of a couple hours, a diverse group of individuals was able to develop a breadth of executable ideas on how to turn a conference room into an ideation room, create inspiring nooks and give their departments an ownable identity. They went home armed with research findings, workable models for designing creative workspaces and lots of nuggets of ideas from which to launch their own Workspace Revolution! I can’t wait to see what they do in their offices. We’ll share their accomplishments with you in the future.


What about you? Have you started your own Workspace Revolution? What have you done? Please share your stories to inspire others. We can change the work world, one cubicle or open work space at a time!