Welcome back to #WeddingWednesday, our semi-weekly column where we bring you wedding tips, tricks, crafts, interviews, and interesting Chicago wedding happenings from Chicago’s creative wedding venue, Catalyst Ranch.

The interwebs, magazines, and fashionistas everywhere have a ton of advice on women’s wedding fashion.  There are infinite possibilities for the bride’s dress alone.  A-line?  Mermaid?  Ball Gown?  Mini?  Peplum?  Strapless?  Halter?  Etc., etc., etc.  And, of course, every bride needs the right shoes.  Heels?  Flats?  Wedges? Barefoot on the beach?  And accessories!  Jewelry!!!  Gloves?  Sash?  Purse?  To veil or not to veil . . .

And don’t forget bridesmaid dresses! And flower girl dresses!  And mother-of-the-bride dresses!   And –

Wait!  What about the groom?  Poor guys!  You shouldn’t be expected to just throw on a plain black suit or tux when it’s YOUR special day too!  Gents can express their personal style even at the most traditional wedding.  More and more, we’re seeing grooms mix it up with daring color combos, cool accessories, and unexpected shapes, patterns, and styles.  Gentlemen, if you aren’t all over Pinterest looking for wedding style inspiration (it’s totally cool if you are!), let us help you start exploring with a few of our favorite trends.

Pop of Color

Instead of a plain white shirt under his black jacket, this cool Ranch groom opted for a red and white checkered shirt which played perfectly off the bride’s white dress and red accessories.



If you want to add a little whimsy to your wedding look, shoes are a great way to do it!  Here are a few of our favorites.

You really can’t go wrong with orange alligator shoes!

orange alligator shoe - photo from Naperville Sun-Times

Dig these hipster groomsmen and their cool tan Toms.  Paired with the skinny dark pants?  Love it!

Photo by Matthew Morgan Photography

Photo by Matthew Morgan Photography

Who doesn’t want to get married in their comfy Chuck Taylors?  Especially if they are special occasion Chucks!



Want to wear something offbeat without freaking out your uber-traditional Grandma?  Express yourself with your socks.  Not everyone will see them, but YOU will know they are there, and believe me guys, that can make a big difference in the way you feel.

Or wear socks that tie into your theme, like these patriotic socks from a Fourth of July wedding!

Photo by rojo foto

Photo by rojo foto


Instead of flowers, you can create a personalized boutonniere using feathers, paper, or a family heirloom, like this one-of-a-kind boutonniere.  For more ideas on boutonnieres made out of unconventional materials, click here!

unique bouts2

Photo from www.ohlovelyday.com


Cufflinks are an under-appreciated element in men’s fashion nowadays.  Let’s bring them back! They can be so much fun and come in all styles from spirited to sophisticated.

Like these simple, yet playful, Scrabble cufflinks.
Scrabble Cufflinks

Or nerdy-cool Nintendo cufflinks.

Nintendo-CufflinksCheck out these sweet Father of the Bride cufflinks!


The Ring!

Don’t forget the most important accessory, your ring!  You may not post as many photos of your wedding ring as your wife did of her engagement ring on Facebook, but you’re going to be wearing it for the rest of your life, so go for something special that YOU love!

Check out this unique copper and silver wedding ring that we found on Etsy!

mens wedding ring Gents, we want to hear from you!  What cool styles will you be rocking on your wedding day!  Share your ideas and photos in the comments!