As a child, how many times were you told “Don’t play with your food?” If you were a precocious and defiant tiny human like I was – then lots (I had a strange aversion to silverware). Well, Malaysian artist Hong Yi either didn’t listen or she had very cool parents. Either way it worked out because the artist, who goes by the nickname “Red,” has created an amazing series called 31 Days of Creativity with Food. Red challenged herself to come up with a new piece of art every day for a month using only food and using a small white plate as her canvas. This challenge came initially out of a fear that her projects were becoming too large and complicated (her previous creation alone took an entire month). By forcing herself to work quickly and create new designs every day she says that the project “has taught me to not be too serious about what I do, but also to pay attention to detail and to work within the confines of a very small area.”

If you like these definitely check out the rest of Hong Yi’s non-food work. Red paints with just about everything – except paint that is. At Catalyst Ranch part of our philosophy is to let the world around you inspire your creativity, so we love that Red uses the world around her not only for inspiration but also as her artistic medium. It goes to show that inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere.

Here are some of our favorites from her food series to inspire you and make you hungry:

scream pufferfish love campbells banksy arctic 800_3_three_little_pigs 23 20 7 TigetFor more from this series visit:

Can you figure out what food Hong Yi used in each painting?