Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. This year Valentine’s Day is particularly special in Illinois as gay marriage is expected be put to a vote in Senate today. Ever since we started hosting special events, Catalyst Ranch has been a venue that celebrates love for all. In 2006, we hosted a NuptEquality, a vendor and fashion showcase specially for same-sex couples.

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In 2011, Illinois legalized same-sex civil unions. This step closer in the right direction gave many hope. To celebrate the occasion, we partnered with several vendors, including Jeremy Lawson Photography and Bleeding Heart Bakery, to host the first legal same-sex civil unions in Illinois. On the stroke of midnight, June 2, 2011 (the day that it was officially legal) six same-sex couples were joined together by life celebrant Anita Vaughn in our event Under A New Moon

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As wedding venue that celebrates love, regardless of gender or sexuality, we can only hope that the vote in Senate today blows in the favor of equality. Hopefully, Valentine’s Day in Illinois will be known from this day on as “The Day That Love Became Equal.” Celebrate love: celebrate equality.