Name:    Brenda Russell Williams

Company:   Russell Williams Group, Inc.

Area of Expertise:  Strategy and facilitation

What sparks your creativity?

Kinetic energy!  I am a mover, and that is my view of creativity.  It has cadence, rhythm and is dynamic in its expression.  My best ideas come when I am walking or dancing in flow with nature.

Give us an example of a creative output that you’re particularly proud of.

In our strategy practice, we work with high level executives to create Vision and Action Plans that transform companies and their people. Importantly, we strive to gain alignment from all functions that will influence the fulfillment of the vision. There are many stereotypes that exist in the corporate environment regarding who is creative/innovative and who is not.  I am most proud when we are able to inspire the folks who mange the numbers to generate ideas that solve marketing issues or vice versa.  We work hard to inspire the ambidexterity of our brains, regardless of which hemisphere is used most in a functional position. It’s always about the people not the process.

Share one of your trade secrets for keeping the energy and enthusiasm flowing when working through a long session or meeting with your clients. 

Kinetic energy!  We find fun ways to take our minds off the subject by movin’ and sometimes groovin’.  It’s always a surprise how refreshing it can be or how much better the thinking becomes when asked to do something unrelated.  In fact, one definition of creativity is “bringing together seemingly unrelated things to create something new”.

What was one of the best meetings you’ve ever attended? What made it so great?

The best meetings I’ve attended are highly interactive and immersive.  In fact, meeting is the wrong word… experiences or events better describes it In these situations, I learn as much about myself as the subject at hand.

What recently sparked your curiosity and how did you satisfy it?

Currently I am curious about our society’s obsession with staying young as we inevitably age.  American dialogue is often negative rather than hopeful. We are looking to change this by helping people connect with their true purpose. It is my hope to be the catalyst for a new conversation in America…embracing and honoring the aging process. It will be wonderful to see a new focus on what we gain rather than what we lose along life’s journey.  Importantly, I see a place where people regardless of age move forward with a sense of real and conscious purpose.  Where we indeed, Age On Purpose!

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