With Halloween right around the corner, people have been carving pumpkins like madmen. Well, there’s a Russian artist who has been doing a little carving of his own, but instead of using pumpkins he’s using a different type of food. He’s turning watermelons, apples and cabbage into ghoulishly gruesome skulls.

Dimitri Tsykalov‘s fruit skulls are impressive and creepy at the same time. Dimitri isn’t afraid to push the boundaries. He can turn the most delicious fruits like watermelon into creepy skulls with no sign of joy.

Dimitri is known for several types of “raw” and shocking art. He frequently uses unique substances to create thought provoking pieces; with fruit skulls, meat armor, and wooden organs on his resume, he’s an artist with a message and the skills to get it across. Here are some of his most awesome pieces of art:

  Fruit/ Vegetable Skulls


Fruit is not an intimidating artistic medium, but Dimitri Tsykalov gives it a morbid spin with his intriguing fruit skulls. These anatomically correct sculptures are eerie and definiteley appetite killing.

Wooden Organs

Dimitri has created a series of realistic organs made out of wood, including a brain, heart, and lungs. Hanging in an art exhibit, or on the wall, these surprisingly realistic creations are sure to catch your attention.

Wooden Cars