Cardboard, Styrofoam, Plywood are just a few in a list of ordinary objects, Tobias Putrih uses to build his not-so-ordinary sculptures. His fragile structures span from small modular objects to larger installation environments that create a distorted narrative. The sculpture and installation work often distorts space and manipulates the viewer’s perception.

Tobias Putrih’s work is based on several interconnecting ideas and practices; in particular, he is interested in architecture, design and science, and how these subjects relate to social systems and the practices of collaboration.

Putrih’s work often consists of structures that use simple materials such as cardboard, paper, scotch tape and scaffolding, and he frequently employs fractured and imploded forms, as well as changes in floor levels and illumination to create narrative and drama.

This giant structure looks like a  game of LEGO blocks, built out of more than 1,000 white Styrofoam bricks, the piece stands on six jagged legs, with bricks jutting in and out. Step inside, and you discover the ceiling is carved out in receding blocks, resembling an M.C. Escher print.

Putrih’s work currently jumps between magical built objects and active environments where viewers can frequently interact with the work and physically make changes to the piece.

“I think of these as educational and therapeutic, reinforcing the playfulness of the materials.”- Putrih