Italian Artist Willy Verginer is a master of wooden sculpture. I recently ran across an image of one of his sculptures on the design blog BOOOOOOOM!, and immediately knew I had to share. Willy’s work is very striking; the sculptures are life sized and leave you in awe at the amount of detail that goes into each piece. He has a gift of bringing figurative sculpture to life by combining splashes of vibrant color with intricate patterns. You can almost see the life behind their faces, so much so that the possibility that these inanimate objects could somehow walk out of the gallery does not seem that far off.

The craftsmanship in the work is that of a true master and the care and skill required to create something so delicate in wood is hard to imagine. Utilizing his own unique signature style, all of the pieces reflect everyday life with a strong emphasis on color and composition.

He is considered a leader of a new kind of magic realism. Check out more of his work here!