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Noitavonni…. Say what? That “word” is innovation spelled backwards. Now try spelling creativity out loud, harder than you thought right? Having a backwards spelling can be a good brain teaser exercise to use before the initial start of a meeting. It throws people for a loop a bit and really gets those wheels spinning.


Assignment:  Several teams compete to see which group can correctly spell the most words backwards.

Allotted Time:  10 – 15 minutes depending on the number of teams

  • Compile a list of reasonably common words with over 8 letters.  Place them each separately on a colored index card.  Give a pile to each team.  Each team goes one at a time and is allotted 3 minutes in which to correctly spell as many words backwards as they can.  One team member is in charge of reading off the words and each team member must take their turn.  Of course, no pencils or paper are allowed.

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