“Going Green” is nothing new to us and has become common lingo for promotion. A little while back I shared with you a company who create eco-friendly advertising “clouds,” Flogos- Logos that Fly. New concepts come up everyday, well recently I ran across a photo of an ad for Shredded Wheat looking a lot like a crop circle in a wheat field. After some research, I discovered CURB-The Natural Media Company, as the mastermind behind its creation. CURB is an award winning British eco-advertising company, already achieving worldwide coverage through the creation of unique eco-advertising that uses natural earth elements. CURB ultimately believe that “it is not just what you say in your communications but also the medium you use!”

 “Curb offers a unique portfolio of sustainable media types that create maximum impact at minimal cost to the environment. Our creative team use solely natural earth elements to create everything from bespoke pieces to nationwide advertising campaigns”-CURB.   Their advertising medium includes sand, snow, grass, and bio based concrete stain. Check them out!


Natural media solutions have been used for:

■National advertising and marketing campaigns

■International press and publicity stunts

■Highly targeted guerrilla marketing

■Event displays and center pieces

■Product launches

■Presidential portraits

■Corporate and event sponsorship