Here is a project to bring out the “creative mastermind” within your next meeting’s attendees. In order to complete this project, team members will need to be innovative, creative, and able to think fast on their feet. It’s a great jump start for getting problem solving ideas floating around the room, as well as group brainstorming. The ideas generated from this exercise will put everyone in the perfect mindset for the meeting ahead.


Assignment:  Using every single item that’s provided in the gift bag, construct a sculpture with your team mates and tell its story.

Allotted Time:  10 minutes

  • Divide the group into teams of 4-5 people.  Give each team a bag filled all kinds of random items that you’ve collected as well as a piece of stiff cardboard to use as a base (or plastic plate will do as well).  The object of the exercise is to determine as a team what sort of sculpture you want to build using every single component in the sculpture and then tell a 3 minute story about what it is supposed to represent.  As the facilitator, you can set a specific theme for what the sculpture is to represent if you want the exercise to lead the group on a specific path for the day. Or you can just let them go where they choose.
  • Possible things to include in the bag:  straws, toothpicks, Play-doh (to help hold things together), pipe cleaners, paperclips, pieces of ribbon, chopsticks, origami paper, rubberbands, yarn, some recycled items, random oddball inexpensive trinkets (I like to source mine from Uncle Fun on Belmont Ave.).  The good news is that once the exercise is over, you can pull the sculptures apart and reuse your collection in the future.  So start collecting now!
  • You can then use the sculptures to form your own gallery for the day and give visual interest to the room.