I know that you can’t always get to Chicago for your meeting and finding creative meeting space seems to be the country’s best kept secret, so I thought I would start introducing you to some of our friends in this selective niche. Yes, there’s this underground group of us who all believe that environment is an incredibly important component of having a more effective and productive meeting. The visionary who started it all is Mark Henson. He opened sparkspace in Columbus, OH about 10 years ago and has continued to evolve his space and offers incredible teambuilding programs — when’s the last time you got to “play” with an army of Mr. Potatoheads? I never have and now I can’t get the thought out of my mind. I may have to order an army of my own! Mark is incredibly creative and will help any group have a fantastic day(s) out of the office.

Then there’s Wendy Friedman of SohoSoleil in NYC. Wendy manages a whole host of really cool loft spaces in Soho. If you look closely, you might recognize some of them from various fashion and home photos you have have come across in magazines. Wendy’s spaces are highly coveted by photographers with incredible views and lighting. That’s why they make a great space to have a meeting in the middle of NYC — what’s more exciting than getting to hang out in a NYC loft in Soho, surrounded by floor to ceiling windows. Wendy and her team are super friendly and hospitable, lavishing care and attention upon all of their clients.

There’s a few more cool spots out there that I’m happy to share. So, give a call if you have a need for a cool space to take your team.