If kids are part of your life, you probably already know the work of Peter H. Reynolds. Peter’s simple, charming books — Ish, The Dot, and Someday – encourage kids to be creative by teaching that what they make, “doesn’t have to be perfect, only perfect-ish.” His books are bestsellers and a favorite among kids, parents, and teachers alike. But Peter’s talent isn’t confined to the written word. He and his twin brother, Paul, co-own an educational software company called FableVision.

Here’s their stated mission:
We are big believers that a well-educated student is not complete without less “test-able” skills such as creativity, communication, self-expression, problem solving, and cultural understanding. We also need students with self-determination and a desire to learn.

These foundation skills are the building blocks upon which a lifetime of learning can be built. While the details of educational goals and outcomes vary from state to state and country to country, we all share these fundamental goals. FableVision’s mission is to help educators inspire their students to develop and strengthen these fundamental skills. We will continue on our “200-year mission” to develop, discover, and share creative tools for educators and students to help all learners reach their true potential through meaningful challenges and authentic learning.
Onward,Peter H. ReynoldsFounder/CEO, FableVision

Their most recent creation?
A program called Animation-ish. The program allows kids to indulge in “screen time” in a safe and fun way. The easy-to-use software lets kids make their own animated movies, greeting cards, websites, and presentations. The program is available to download, so you can buy it on a rainy day and get designing before the chorus of “I’m bored” reaches a deafening roar.The program is packed full of more than 50 video tutorials and quick tips.

Make Your Mark
The ‘Make Your Mark’ Professional Development programs for teachers blend the best current teaching practices and theories, innovative technology tools, and ready-to-roll ideas to bring back to the classroom – all with a creative flair. Each session is taught by highly skilled educators who share the mission of making the classroom a more wonderful place. Each believes that we can make learning more rewarding and effective by acknowledging different learning styles and multiple intelligences, including emotional intelligences. Where most workshops inform — their commitment is to inform AND inspire.