Can Event Space Really Have Meaning?

Imagine for a moment a baby’s room painted only in white, no color, no toys, no stuffed animals, no sound. NOW, imagine that same room filled with bright colors, pictures on the walls, a whimsical mobile atop the colorfully outfitted crib.

Which Space Stimulates the Imagination?

You know the answer! It is the colorful, bright room that conveys meaning, a room that speaks to guests as they enter.

We’ve all been in those gray conference rooms, with sliding burlap walls and no windows. Or, we have tried to think of new leading edge innovations while sitting in a sterile cubicle, where the walls can actually cave in.

Now think of the times that you’ve had some of your most creative thoughts, best ideas or new product ideas. I am guessing that you were most likely driving in your car, singing in the shower, surrounded by a fun fostering environment.

When Eva, our Ranch Czarina, developed the idea of creating a space dedicated to creative meetings and events, she drew on her past experience working for a successful Fortune 500 company. She actually began her passion for creative spaces when she transformed a highly- visible hallway into a creative showcase to inspire, encourage and capture new ideas! She then was asked to transform larger areas of the company into creative havens, which she did with much success.

She then took this same creative concept and made it available to all at Catalyst Ranch! It is truly a place that serves as a CATALYST for CREATIVITY and a guaranteed memorable outing!

Come and visit us at anytime. I guarantee you’ll find just the spark you need!