improve it! Q2 Business Improv Workshop

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Are you a business professional who would like to learn creative techniques to think more quickly on your feet during a meeting or at a presentation? Are you a leader or manager looking to enhance collaboration across your team? Are you the type of person who is always trying to be the best version of yourself? [...]

Personal and Professional Productivity in the Digital Age

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Personal and Professional Productivity in the Digital Age with Amanda Neely Are you… drowning in piles? feeling overwhelmed? under-valued? in over your head? Is your life characterized by… busyness? too much stuff to do? too many ideas that never get accomplished? Stop taking this productivity tip and that efficiency trick and never making progress. Learn to [...]

2017 liftUPlift Ally Awards

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liftUPlift’s 2nd annual Ally Awards fundraiser gala connects and honors Chicago’s greatest champions of Women and Girl Power, while all proceeds support our nonprofit mission to end violence against women worldwide.

Don’t be an April Fool – Come to Ignite Chicago and Be Heard!

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Ignite is a high-energy evening of 5-minute talks by people who have a burning idea—and the guts to get onstage and share it with their hometown crowd. Speaking at Ignite is an unforgettable experience. You step up to the mic. Your palms sweat. You can hear the thump of your blood rushing. Your voice cracks for [...]

How The Beatles Nearly Ruined My Life… and David Bowie Saved It

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  How The Beatles Nearly Ruined My Life… and David Bowie Saved It  Written and Performed by Ben Hollis with musical support by John Siegle Directed by Paul Quinn   Too late to live the life you were meant to live? “Frick No!” says Ben Hollis. The eight-time Emmy-winner (Wild Chicago, WTTW) and local TV legend [...]

What If Chicago Were NOT Broke

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What If Chicago Were NOT Broke - Implications for Our Future by Tom Tresser We are told by the mayor and a host of experts that Chicago is broke. They sold our parking meters. They closed 49 public schools, They closed six public health centers. City services are being trimmed. Public school budgets slashed and hundreds [...]

Cecilia From Heartfelt Catering on Minority Status Certification

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  Our preferred weekend catering partner, Heartfelt Catering, recently received minority certification from the Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council. Owner, Chef Cecelia Hamilton, tells us what inspired her to seek the certification, and how easy it can be! What inspired you to do it? Becoming a minority and/or female certified business has always been on my [...]

Winning Formula to Ace a Meeting or Event

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This is not another article about meetings and events! Well, yes, I guess it is but it’s not just another article about meetings and events. So read on. This article is about the winning formula to ace a meeting or event. But for whom? There are countless how to, top this and top that articles that [...]

WLCO Presents “it’s all about impact”

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TIME Salon: The Plagiarists Fundraiser

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The Plagiarists' mission is to steal from literature, visual art, history, and the culture at large to create new creative expression that finds the familiar in the strange, the unique in the commonplace, and ultimately enlarges the world. Plagiarist Salons are another way we put our theory into practice, providing a forum for artists to share [...]