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Hacking Habits and Crushing Goals with Office Ninjas

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Everything you do—from the way you manage your to-do list to your email response routine—determine the trajectory of your career. Are those habits propelling you forward or holding you back? Whether you need to maintain positive career habits or ditch the duds, we’ve got you covered with research, strategy, tech tools, and our most powerful resource—your [...]

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The Shortest Month of the Year is a Great Time To Ignite Chicago!

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It's Talkalicious! Ignite Chicago in February is a high-energy evening of 5-minute talks by people who have a burning idea—and the guts to get onstage and share it with their hometown crowd. Speaking at Ignite is an unforgettable experience. You step up to the mic. Your palms sweat. You can hear the thump of your blood [...]

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Circles of Gold: How to Network for Success

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DESCRIPTION For many people, the word "networking" conjures up images of forced conversations, dreary conferences or cold calls. So they avoid it—to their peril. “Circles of Gold®: How to Network for Success” is a workshop designed to give you simple, practical and actionable ideas to build relationships that net results while honoring the people you already [...]

Why Fly Fishing Beats a Net

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Why Fly Fishing Beats a Net By Vickie Austin There are many paradoxes when marketing yourself or your business, and one of the most powerful paradoxes is “The narrower your focus, the wider your opportunity.” This defies logic. You’d think that a broad, sweeping approach might be best–something like fishing with a big net. Picture someone [...]

Esther Choy on “Should I Really Admit This?”

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Photo Credit: Tommie Hansen via Should I Really Admit This? How to Find Common Ground at Networking Events I belong to a private club in downtown Chicago. It occupies a regal, historic building. Membership requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, three letters of support from current members, and an ability to shoulder a monthly [...]

Creative Meeting Carnival 2015 Recap

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The second annual Creative Meeting Carnival at Catalyst Ranch in Chicago's west loop was filled with puzzles, games, riddles, art, cocktails, and tasty treats from cotton candy to gelato to creative appetizers from Big Delicious Planet.  Our unique meeting vendors mingled with meeting and event industry professionals, showcasing their innovative meeting enhancements.  We hope you had a great [...]

Amazing Meeting Vendors, Resources & Experts Galore!

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Have you ever planned and executed a meeting and then wondered "Did I get my point across?" or "Why wasn't there any action afterwards?"  Have you ever attended a meeting and left with the feeling that you wasted your time? Now is your chance to find answers to your toughest meeting challenges.  We've partnered with the [...]

Meet Fab Flora, an avant-garde, eco-friendly floral design studio

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The Carnival is coming!!   Drum roll please. . . Announcing the second annual Creative Meeting Carnival at Catalyst Ranch on February 23!  Join us to explore the possibilities for your creative corporate meetings in 2015 and beyond!  Meet our partner vendors and learn more about how their diverse offerings that can help you make meeting [...]

Join us on April 5 for the Gateway to Wellness Event!

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The Associates Board of the Gateway for Cancer Research presents the Inaugural Gateway to Wellness event at Catalyst Ranch in Chicago's West Loop with food, fun, and new ideas for leading a healthy, happy, balanced lifestyle for young professionals. Join us for an evening of networking with like-minded professionals, passed hors d'oeuvres and an open bar [...]

Realize Your Next Big Idea this Thursday- Create. Innovate. Repeat.

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  We all are innovators in our own ways. We know how creative you can be, we have seen it over and over again from focus groups to ideation sessions, you all bring the “sky is the limit” to the ranch. Now here is a chance to gather with like minded friends both new and old [...]