February 2017 Artist Calendar Page

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November is music to our ears – Giveaway

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The Chicago wind is making Fall music by plucking leaves off the trees and scattering them down the street. It is whipping through your hair and whooshing in our ears. The wind is playing in the skyscrapers and dancing on the lake. Create your own Fall music with this clay Chilean ocarina, available in our monthly [...]

Monthly Giveaway Prize – TECHNO ROBOT

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How would you like a chance to win your very own robot?  Well allow us introduce the Techno Robot, our awesome giveaway prize for the month of February! With this fun to build and easy to assemble science kit by 4M Kidz Labs, you can create your own 9.5” mechanical moving robot. Use the axle, arms, [...]

Monthly Giveaway Prize – Cubic Fun Big Ben Puzzle

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BIG BEN 3D Puzzle Hey there, sports fans!  Are you disappointed that you were not able to be in London for the Olympic Games this year?  Well, cheer up friends, because the Ranch is offering you the chance to bring a little piece of London into your own home!  During the month of August, you can [...]

Monthly Giveaway Prize – 3D Puzzle

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It’s that time again, Ranch fans - time to introduce our brand new giveaway prize for the month of June!  So if you like puzzles or just want to channel your inner architect, you will love this 3D puzzle of the Empire State Building in New York City.  Made of paper & foam board, it can [...]

Brain Teasers for the Month of May

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Catalyst Ranch’s Monthly Giveaway Prize May 2012 Keyed by Noodle Your IQ® & Tetra Scales – The Museum CollectionParadigm Puzzle This month the Ranch is giving you the opportunity to win 2, that’s right - TWO prizes - when you enter our Monthly Giveaway Drawing during the month of May!  Challenge your mind to develop new [...]

Monthly Giveaway Prize- Calafant Calabot Robot

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Who doesn’t like robots?!  Well now you can have one of your very own to build & decorate as you wish!  The amazing Calafant Calabot Robot is made from high-quality cardboard & pieces together with no glue or adhesive required.  Standing at about 21” high, it’s as big as some kids!  Stretch the limits of your [...]

March Giveaway Prize- Tang Lady Statue

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Would you like a chance to add a little piece of the Ranch, along with some international flair to your home?  Well, the Ranch is offering just that with our latest giveaway prize for the month of March!  From the Museum Shop of The Art Institute of Chicago comes this beautiful reproduction of a Tang Lady [...]

Take the Perplexus Challenge

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Catalyst Ranch's Monthly Giveaway Prize - Perplexus Check out the Ranch’s new prize giveaway for the month of December!  Perplexus is an addicting, mind-bending 3-D puzzle that will undoubtedly put your sanity to the test, yet will be nearly impossible to put down! Work with and against gravity to carefully shift, flip & twist the sphere [...]