Meet Our Preferred Vendor, Moto Guild

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 Build a Motorcycle to Build Your Team! Bike Build Chicago, from Preferred Vendor Moto Guild, is the perfect out-of-the-box experiential learning, team-building activity to motivate, empower, and create camaraderie among your employees.  The event is set up to explore better ways to work together through an out-of-your-comfort-zone task that is both challenging and rewarding once the [...]

Esther Choy on “Should I Really Admit This?”

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Photo Credit: Tommie Hansen via Should I Really Admit This? How to Find Common Ground at Networking Events I belong to a private club in downtown Chicago. It occupies a regal, historic building. Membership requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, three letters of support from current members, and an ability to shoulder a monthly [...]

The Creative World of Play with Corporate Event Interactive

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Jodi Whitlock of Corporate Event Interactive tells us about how their team got started, where she likes to vacation (don't forget the wine!) and what's coming up for CEI. What made you get into this business? CEI began as a traditional event planning company. We quickly discovered an affinity for the teambuilding and interactive part of [...]

September Coloring Book Calendar 2016

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Hover over the coloring book calendar page then click the magnifying glass to print your September 2016 calendar. Color it in and post it to our Facebook page for a chance to win a nifty prize!

Ranch Hand Spotlight: Tatiana Green

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Catalyst Ranch is staffed by an incredible team of quirky characters known as Ranch Hands. Ranch Hand Spotlight is an occasional blog series that invites you to take a sneak peek behind the scenes. Creative Juice readers please give a warm welcome to Ranch Hand Tatiana Green, who was recently promoted to Assistant Morning and Special [...]

Backwards Spelling Bee

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Noitavonni…. Say what? That “word” is innovation spelled backwards. Now try spelling creativity out loud, harder than you thought right? Having a backwards spelling can be a good brain teaser exercise to use before the initial start of a meeting. It throws people for a loop a bit and really gets those wheels spinning.   Assignment:  [...]

People Collages

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What in the world? Here is an icebreaker that brings out creativity and imagination from your meeting attendees. All you need is some old magazines and glue to create an out of this world person. Silly facial expressions, dog tails, robotic legs…. The sky is the limit.   Assignment: Put together a person using various body [...]

Creative Mastermind

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Here is a project to bring out the “creative mastermind” within your next meeting’s attendees. In order to complete this project, team members will need to be innovative, creative, and able to think fast on their feet. It's a great jump start for getting problem solving ideas floating around the room, as well as group brainstorming. [...]

Crazy Paper Plate Pets

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Holding a puppet is empowering, puppets can allow you to explore new ideas and create endless different situations. Here is an excellent energizer to spark people’s imagination and get your meeting started in the right mind set.  It is also an icebreaker getting people to laugh and work as a team. With a puppet, your meeting’s [...]

The Cartoon Character

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  Re-creating yourself as a cartoon character could be the perfect icebreaker for your next meeting and a great way to catch your audience off guard and give them a good laugh. Humor is a great way to make your training or meeting more memorable! Assignment:  Create a mask that shows how you would like to [...]