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Catalyst Ranch’s 2017 Digital Holiday Card!

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It's 2017, and although we love to get physical letters in the mail, we also love saving trees! So this year we have partnered up with some of our amazing friends and vendors and bring to you, our wonderful clients and amigos, some fantastic items to brighten the end of your year.  We are thrilled with [...]

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Crafting a Brief & Brilliant Introduction With Leadership Story Lab

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Leadership Storytelling 101 Crafting a Brief and Brilliant Introduction Question. After listening to a typical PowerPoint presentation, how much information do you recall? Chances are, not too much. No, there is nothing wrong with your memory. For over 25 years now, we have known that data is up to 20 times more likely to be remembered [...]

Esther Choy on “Should I Really Admit This?”

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Photo Credit: Tommie Hansen via Should I Really Admit This? How to Find Common Ground at Networking Events I belong to a private club in downtown Chicago. It occupies a regal, historic building. Membership requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, three letters of support from current members, and an ability to shoulder a monthly [...]

Interview with Esther Choy, Founder and President of Leadership Story Lab

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Esther Choy Leadership Story Lab What is your business & what makes it unique? We’re in the business of combining the science of persuasion and the art of storytelling to help our clients establish deeper and more meaningful connections with their audience. We believe you don’t have to be a superhero to tell great stories.  But [...]