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14th Anniversary Party: A Most Interesting Affair

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Now that we have had a moment to breathe and are back to the business of business, we can look back and bask in the afterglow of our Anniversary Party.  It was one to remember! On November 14th, 2016, a beautiful Monday night, Catalyst Ranch had the great fortune of celebrating 14 years in style; with [...]

Pogo, The Most Interesting Monkey in the World interviews Eva, Ranch Czarina

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This month, Pogo, the Most Interesting Monkey in the World interviews Eva Niewiadomski, Ranch Czarina and Founder of Catalyst Ranch who is vying for Most Interesting Woman in the World. Eva just won two back-to-back awards - Enterprising Woman of the Year 2016 and NAWBO Chicago Member of the Year so she thinks she may make [...]

Unique Meeting Venues across the U.S.

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As you are jet setting around the globe, making meeting magic in every corner of the planet, you may find yourself reading an in-flight magazine or two on your travels.  Did you see the recent issue of the number one in-flight magazine, United Airlines’ Hemispheres?  We are proud to say that Catalyst Ranch was recently featured in [...]

How Catalyst Ranch Got Its Name

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You might know how the leopard got his spots and how the camel got his hump, but do you know how Chicago’s most creative meeting venue got the name Catalyst Ranch?  According to legend, Eva Niewiadomski, Czarina of Catalyst Ranch, wanted a name that would express that we are a physical location (a meeting and event [...]

Get to Know Your Team: Ranch Hand Adventure Match Game

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Catalyst Ranch, Chicago’s most creative meeting venue, is staffed by a talented team of quirky characters known as Ranch Hands. Many individuals who have artistic leanings are drawn to Catalyst Ranch’s colorful workspace, diverse clientele, and co-workers of similar sensibility. That’s why you’ll find that every Ranch Hand leads a full life filled with an array [...]

Cubicle Makeover 2013!

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When Dilini Fernando, an Associate Brand Manager over at Miller and the winner of this years Cubicle Makeover Contest, submitted to us she mentioned that she is "expected to be at the epi-center of all things fun/hip/chic/Millennial but right now, my desk hardly reflects that." In designing her Cubicle Makeover Catalyst Ranch's Eva Niewiadomski and Lauren Smith [...]