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Catalyst Ranch’s 2017 Digital Holiday Card!

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It's 2017, and although we love to get physical letters in the mail, we also love saving trees! So this year we have partnered up with some of our amazing friends and vendors and bring to you, our wonderful clients and amigos, some fantastic items to brighten the end of your year.  We are thrilled with [...]

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3 Big, Easy Tips for a Green Meeting

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  Believe it or not, for an industry that is all about people and forging connections between them, the Meeting and Event industry generates a lot of waste. From all the handouts, to the food and even where all the furniture comes from, meetings and events leave a fairly sizable carbon footprint. At Catalyst Ranch, "green" [...]

14th Anniversary Party: A Most Interesting Affair

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Now that we have had a moment to breathe and are back to the business of business, we can look back and bask in the afterglow of our Anniversary Party.  It was one to remember! On November 14th, 2016, a beautiful Monday night, Catalyst Ranch had the great fortune of celebrating 14 years in style; with [...]

Meeting Tip for 9/14/16 – Holiday Parties Part II!

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Last Minute?  No Problem Part II! Meeting Tip of the Week for September 14th, 2016   As we talked about last week, in my experience, there are two types of people in this world; people who plan ahead and people who wait.  I mentioned how I would consider myself a waiter. Well let me take this [...]

Creative Meeting Carnival 2015 Recap

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The second annual Creative Meeting Carnival at Catalyst Ranch in Chicago's west loop was filled with puzzles, games, riddles, art, cocktails, and tasty treats from cotton candy to gelato to creative appetizers from Big Delicious Planet.  Our unique meeting vendors mingled with meeting and event industry professionals, showcasing their innovative meeting enhancements.  We hope you had a great [...]

Amazing Meeting Vendors, Resources & Experts Galore!

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Have you ever planned and executed a meeting and then wondered "Did I get my point across?" or "Why wasn't there any action afterwards?"  Have you ever attended a meeting and left with the feeling that you wasted your time? Now is your chance to find answers to your toughest meeting challenges.  We've partnered with the [...]

Health & Wellness: Creative Catering

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At Catalyst Ranch, Chicago’s most creative meeting space, we try to anticipate our clients’ every need, so they can focus on their agenda and have the most innovative and productive off-site meeting possible. We want to fuel creative thinking and problem solving in a variety of ways. We start with an inspiring environment, plenty of coffee, [...]

Top 10 Moments in Our History (part 2)

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We’ve had an amazing ten years in business and it’s all thanks to our fantastic clients and supporters. We've had some great times and created incredible memories. We began a countdown of our top ten favorite moments last week. Below are the final five!  Want to help us make some more? Be sure to join us for FanFair: Catalyst [...]

Best Catering Nominees for Illinois Meetings + Events Magazine 8th Readers Choice Awards

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Voting season is upon us and while weighing the pros and cons of this election's candidates, we're gonna help make voting for Illinois Meetings + Events Magazine 8th Annual Readers Choice Awards easier for you! No, this ballot sheet is in no way as confusing as election ballots, but there are quite a few categories to nominate [...]

Green Initiative

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As I mentioned last time, I may be a bit annoying about recycling.  (I may be annoying in general, but that is for a different blog site)  I promised that I would write a bit about the steps that Catalyst Ranch has taken to reduce our carbon footprint, create less waste, and use less energy. In [...]