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Intern Veronika Hunter on US-New Zealand Differences

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In my life, I’ve constantly noted, with private and sometimes public amusement, that I’m a “perpetual foreigner.” Born and raised in the “least New Zealand” city in New Zealand (at least, to the rest of New Zealand), I was from a young age perhaps overly interested in the American landscape, culture, and history, and I always [...]

Meet Our Preferred Vendor, Moto Guild

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Build a Motorcycle to Build Your Team! Bike Build Chicago, from Preferred Vendor Moto Guild, is the perfect out-of-the-box experiential learning, team-building activity to motivate, empower, and create camaraderie among your employees.  The event is set up to explore better ways to work together through an out-of-your-comfort-zone task that is both challenging and rewarding once the [...]