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Interview with Madelyn Rutter, Runner Up Winner of the 2015 Workspace Revolution Contest

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Today we interview Maddy Rutter from TNS Global, our Runner Up Winner of the 2015 Workspace Revolution Contest. WHAT INSPIRED YOU? In October 2014 it was announced that our office would be moving to a new location within the same suite at the Merchandise Mart. In the months leading up to the ultimate move, February 2015, [...]

Interview with 2015 Workspace Revolution Contest Winner Rick Sichelski

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Today's blog features our Top Prize Winner of the 2015 Workspace Revolution Contest, Rick Sichelski of Southwest Community Services in Tinley Park, IL. Southwest Community Services is a non-profit, human services agency that provides services that empower individuals with diverse disabilities to maximize their development and independence. As part of the contest entry, we asked Rick to [...]

Heartfelt Catering

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Welcome today’s guest blogger, founder of Heartfelt Catering, Chef Cecilia Hamilton!  Heartfelt Catering seemed like the perfect partner for Elbows on the Table on May 12.   We hope you can join us for a conversation about philanthropy and community and, of course, a delicious dinner!   We’re honored to partner with Catalyst Ranch for this year’s [...]

A Workspace Revolution was Launched Last Week

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Eva Niewiadomski, the founder and owner of Catalyst Ranch, has strong feelings about workers’ rights to an inspiring physical work environment. She finally acted upon her beliefs last week and launched a workspace revolution by hosting one of the fieldtrips for the FUSE Conference. The FUSE Conference is an annual gathering of 400 brand strategists and [...]

Diversity and Inclusion: ‘Build Bridges, Not Walls’

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Welcome guest blogger and Catalyst Ranch Art-Work Program Facilitator, Troy Cicero! Diversity and Inclusion are indeed my passion, and what I have discovered is that as organizations attempt to embark on a diversity and inclusion journey, one of the biggest challenges faced is executive level commitment. Executives often view their role as approving the diversity and [...]

How One Idea Can Turn Into Millions

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Today’s blog entry is guest written by Kristin Neperud Merz of where she has been designing, branding and doing all things creative since 2000. Kristin also serves Catalyst Ranch as a Creative Strategist and is our designer of all things digital. You can see some of her fabulous work in our website redesign which is now live! She is also the [...]

Reinventing the Qualitative Research Space

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Our whole philosophy at Catalyst Ranch is based on new ideas sparked from a creative, non-typical space. Over the last few years we’ve expanded our business into the qualitative research industry and have been delighted with so much positive feedback from our clients! If  our space can inspire better ideas for corporate meetings, brainstorms, and retreats, [...]

Is Inspiration More Dependent on People or Places?

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The debate about “working from home” continues. Last week, Chicago Ideas Week shared the video “World of Work,” a conversation between 37Signals co-founder and CEO Jason Fried and James Warren of The Daily Beast/Newsweek. (if reading from email, click here to view this video)   Fried presents his office’s non-traditional work methods, including “quiet Thursdays” where [...]

Social Media Gender Statistics Come To Life For Social Media Week 2012!

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Social Media Week is coming back to Chicago for a second year and we're very excited to be part of it again on September 25th.  Last year, we hosted a lively and informative panel about how the different generational groups use social media differently. Within that panel, we found the inspiration for our event this year. [...]

Local Feature’s THE INTERRUPTERS a smashing success!

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Our film series LOCAL FEATURE debuted with The Interrupters last week and the event was a smashing success! Attendees arrived early to munch on some delicious snacks, including the scrumptious cupcakes provided by GiGi's Bake Shop. After a warm welcome from our ever-friendly Ranch Staff, Gala Gal Lauren Smith kicked off the event by talking about the [...]