Allie from improve it! on Why the Space Matters

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Any improviser, when asked politely, can tell you the worst place they’ve had to perform. On a boat, in a clearing in the woods, in someone’s basement, at the back of a Chili’s in rural Indiana for what could only be the worst date night in the world (that last one might be a tad autobiographical). [...]

Having a Cup of Coffee with Levi Baer

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Levi is an innovator and entrepreneur who is bringing together other innovators and entrepreneurs in a spirit of collaboration in a no-pressure environment.  He brings this spirit to the West Loop when Coffee & Conversation comes to Catalyst Ranch in February. Name: Levi Baer Name of Your Company: Second Shift, teacher at DePaul University, and leader [...]

14th Anniversary Party: A Most Interesting Affair

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Now that we have had a moment to breathe and are back to the business of business, we can look back and bask in the afterglow of our Anniversary Party.  It was one to remember! On November 14th, 2016, a beautiful Monday night, Catalyst Ranch had the great fortune of celebrating 14 years in style; with [...]

Molly Wagner and her new A Christmas Carol

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In this blog we learn about how Chicago actor Molly Wagner got her inspiration for adapting A Christmas Carol for Ignite Theatre, an interactive and immersive passion project that debuts in December. Every December, for as long as I can remember, I would find a little red book sitting on my dad’s bedside table. It was [...]

The Surprising World of Your Creative Mind

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Catalyst Ranch is celebrating its 14th anniversary, and for all that time, we have understood the importance of environment.  We have colorful fuzzy pipe cleaners on the tables to bend into fun shapes.  Ethnic and contemporary art decorates every wall.  We have coffee brewing and elaborate snack services to satisfy smell and taste, and lively conversation [...]

Making the Open Office Plan Work for You

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Do you work in an open plan office and constantly face the challenge of dodging interruptions when you really need to get SOMETHING. DONE. NOW? Here's a story from Bloomberg Business showcasing a new product on the market that may help solve your problem and skyrocket your productivity. Don't bother me: Fighting the tyranny of the [...]

Inspiring Found-Object Art by Jane Perkins

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Inspiring Found-Object Art by Jane Perkins At Catalyst Ranch, Chicago’s first unconventional meeting venue, we love re-purposed art and furniture! Stroll around the Ranch and you’ll see classic lamp stands with modern lampshades, tea tins from around the globe that have turned into pen holders, and re-painted picture frames embellished with beads and trinkets. There is [...]

Finding Balance in a Chaotic World

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Please stand up and do some jumping jacks for guest blogger Kim Ready! Fitness Engaged is our newest meeting mix-in vendor and is a full service wellness company offering corporate wellness programs, seminars, and retreats along with 4 programs designed to give your meeting a healthy balance. We live in a world of demanding deadlines, calendars [...]

Interview with Madelyn Rutter, Runner Up Winner of the 2015 Workspace Revolution Contest

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Today we interview Maddy Rutter from TNS Global, our Runner Up Winner of the 2015 Workspace Revolution Contest. WHAT INSPIRED YOU? In October 2014 it was announced that our office would be moving to a new location within the same suite at the Merchandise Mart. In the months leading up to the ultimate move, February 2015, [...]

Interview with 2015 Workspace Revolution Contest Winner Rick Sichelski

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Today's blog features our Top Prize Winner of the 2015 Workspace Revolution Contest, Rick Sichelski of Southwest Community Services in Tinley Park, IL. Southwest Community Services is a non-profit, human services agency that provides services that empower individuals with diverse disabilities to maximize their development and independence. As part of the contest entry, we asked Rick to [...]