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Having a Cup of Coffee with Levi Baer

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Levi is an innovator and entrepreneur who is bringing together other innovators and entrepreneurs in a spirit of collaboration in a no-pressure environment.  He brings this spirit to the West Loop when Coffee & Conversation comes to Catalyst Ranch in February. Name: Levi Baer Name of Your Company: Second Shift, teacher at DePaul University, and leader [...]

The Surprising World of Your Creative Mind

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Catalyst Ranch is celebrating its 14th anniversary, and for all that time, we have understood the importance of environment.  We have colorful fuzzy pipe cleaners on the tables to bend into fun shapes.  Ethnic and contemporary art decorates every wall.  We have coffee brewing and elaborate snack services to satisfy smell and taste, and lively conversation [...]

Do You Really Know Thoughtly Crew?

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We sat down with Holly Birnbaum, one of the founders of Thoughtly Crew, to ask about Creative Thinking Agents, consumer market research groups, and partnering with Catalyst Ranch.  Here's what she said!   Who is Thoughtly Crew? Thoughtly Crew, the world's first independent pool of creative consumers, was launched in 2005 by Holly Birnbaum, Scott Cheney [...]

Meeting Tip of the Week for August 30th

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Using Puzzles to Build Your Team If you are looking to capitalize on the Pokemon Go craze but don't want to fall off a cliff while on your phone, a great place to look is The Mystery League.  #Crain's Chicago Business just highlighted Sandor Weisz and his brainchild company, touting the benefits of people working together [...]

Diversity and Inclusion: ‘Build Bridges, Not Walls’

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Welcome guest blogger and Catalyst Ranch Art-Work Program Facilitator, Troy Cicero! Diversity and Inclusion are indeed my passion, and what I have discovered is that as organizations attempt to embark on a diversity and inclusion journey, one of the biggest challenges faced is executive level commitment. Executives often view their role as approving the diversity and [...]

Getting social with Generation Y!

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The global event Social Media Week hit Chicago for the first time from 9/19 - 9/23/2011 and Catalyst Ranch was in on the action! With such great local events like "Journalism in the Age of the Tweet" and "The Power of Social Media for Social Activism", we wondered where we might fit in. But with our passion for innovation and creativity, as well as invoking conversations no one else was having, we came up with the perfect event.

Realize Your Next Big Idea this Thursday- Create. Innovate. Repeat.

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  We all are innovators in our own ways. We know how creative you can be, we have seen it over and over again from focus groups to ideation sessions, you all bring the “sky is the limit” to the ranch. Now here is a chance to gather with like minded friends both new and old [...]

Kookiest Inventions

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Almost all of us have at one time or another had a crazy idea for a new product. has compiled a list for the 15 Kookiest Inventions: “Even in a lackluster economy, patent lawyers keep busy. Between 1996 and 2008, the annual number of patent filings jumped 130%, to 485,000. But what some consider innovation [...]

Crazy Paper Plate Pets

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Holding a puppet is empowering, puppets can allow you to explore new ideas and create endless different situations. Here is an excellent energizer to spark people’s imagination and get your meeting started in the right mind set.  It is also an icebreaker getting people to laugh and work as a team. With a puppet, your meeting’s [...]

Get the Creative Juices Flowing

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Sometimes you want to get people in a completely different mindset before you get to the meat of the business at hand. This is a great exercise to get them thinking about everything but your business - specifically a business they know nothing about. It’s also a great way to level the playing field amongst meeting [...]