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Stella Fayman, co-producer of Ignite Chicago shares some insights with us on ideation and what really sparks her interest in creativity!

Ignite Chicago is next Wednesday the 23rd of March, and we can hardly wait!  Get in on the discussion and RSVP for an evening of presentations aimed to inspire and spark discussion. Ignite Chicago is a high-energy evening of five minute presentations by people who have an idea – and the guts to get onstage and share it with fellow creative folks.

Name: Stella Fayman
Company: FeeFighters

What is your business and what makes it unique?

FeeFighters is a comparison shopping site for credit card processing. Basically we make it really easy for business owners to get setup accepting credit cards at their business by showing all of their options in a transparent manner. We are very unique in the credit card processing space in that we were started by business owners with a focus on the business owner. Most business owners have a terrible experience with credit card processors, and we’re looking to rectify that by being the friendly, transparent, unbiased, comparison shopping site.

What sparked the idea for your business?

Sean, our CEO, had to shop for a credit card processor for an ecommerce site he was working on.  He found the process of comparing different providers extremely frustrating. After making a decision and setting up a merchant account, he found out that he had overpaid by over $40,000 in his first year of business. Clearly there was a problem, and he decided to fix it.

What fuels your creativity? How do you keep ideas coming?

I have the opportunity of speaking with our customers each day and they really help me get creative. Hearing their terrible experiences with processors gets me thinking about how we can make our service better each day, and what resources we can provide to make the lives of business owners easier.

Give us an example of a creative output you’re particularly proud of.

About a year ago, I started working on an ebook about credit card processing. I wanted it to be informative and interesting, but also fun and reflective of our culture. Credit card processing isn’t the sexiest topic, but we ended up creating an ebook that I’m super proud to promote. It’s called “How to Be a Credit Card Processing Ninja” and is fun and edgy. It has ninjas all over it, but more importantly, is a great tool for business owners to educate themselves.

What recently piqued your curiosity and how did you satisfy it?

I’m always interested in learning new ways to communicate with our customers, and while Twitter is not new, most of the conversation on Twitter about credit card processing is produced by spambots. I’ve been learning how to find the real people who have questions and we can help by talking to other businesses about their use of social media.

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